Information Security Awareness Training


Welcome to the Student Information Security Awareness Training

This training is required

All TAMU students are required to complete Information Security Awareness Training annually (tell me more). The training is designed to teach you about information security, safe computing practices, and related policies, rules, and regulations.

In order to receive credit for this training, you will need to complete each of the 3 main sections (i.e., pass all three short quizzes). If you fail to complete the training, you will not be able to access certain online resources (e.g., MyRecord, Blackboard Vista (WebCT), and Student Ticket Lottery).

Two ways to take the quizzes

Each of the three sections has a short quiz to test your knowledge of the information presented in that particular section. You must answer all questions correctly to complete a section.
  1. Attempt the section's pre-quiz
    You may attempt the pre-quiz to possibly be exempt from the section. However, if you get any wrong answers, you will have to complete option 2.
  2. Take the quiz at the section's end
    You go through the section and correctly answer the quiz questions presented at the end of the section. You will have multiple chances to answer these questions correctly.

Things you should know

  • There are optional inter-activities and short videos throughout the training which are intended to help illustrate certain topics. You will not be quizzed over them.
  • Each page will have a progress bar. You can complete the color-coded sections in any order. If you logout or get timed out, your progress will be saved.
  • Links leading to websites outside of the training will open in a new window.
  • Links that reveal additional information within the page will have a small icon
    ( example ).
    This is an example of additional information.
  • The training will take approximately 30 minutes.